Students showcase various talents in GLK's Expressions Empowered

Edited October 24 at 9:47 am

Over 150 people packed into the Knight Spot on Friday evening to see Expressions Empowered, a Late Knight event that highlighted the talents of students in the fields of poetry, music and comedy.

One memorable performance was freshman Colleen Farrell's original song, "Let it Go." She played the keyboard and sang the lyrics in a beautiful, melodic voice that received cheers and a standing ovation as she finished.

Like Farrell, other students expressed their personal beliefs and feelings through song. For example, sophomore Michelle Rusick sang Coldplay's "The Scientist."

Junior Yuki Kawae sang a song about relationships, which he prefaced with the statement, "this song is for my girlfriend, who is studying abroad. I was mean to her, so this is how I hope to make it up to her." The audience seemed impressed by the emotion and sincerity in Kawae's ballad.

Not all of the performances revolved around music, however. Junior Edd Jones did a juggling pin and juggling ball routine. Jones' routine also featured him balancing a chair on his chin.

Freshman Andrew Wilchak, meanwhile, did a stand up comedy act of insights: "I live off of vitamin supplements and water. You know how you can take a lot of Robitussin and be loopy? I take a large amount of vitamin supplements, walk up to people, and say, 'I am so healthy right now!'"

The show's participants were not limited to individual performances. Juniors Ahmed Sheikh and Kian Bichoupan hosted the event and proved to be a very charismatic duo. They held raffles, giving prizes to audience members. In order to claim a prize, however, winners had to read off one of the "Post Secrets" that were hung up around the stage. The postcards included personal secrets written by students such as, "I have a crush on my R.A., and she doesn't know about it."

The combined talents of the emcees and the performers made Expressions Empowered a truly enjoyable event that unveiled many of the hidden abilities students have to offer. Another Expressions Empowered event is currently in the works for next year.