LSA presents comedian of MTV fame

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Latino stand-up comedian Carlos Santos appeared in Wadsworth Auditorium last Thursday evening in an event hosted by the Latino Student Association.

Santos was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is the host of the MTV Trés program MiTRL. One of his favorite aspects of working on an MTV Hispanic music countdown show, he joked, is, "getting to meet beautiful women," such as Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra and Jessica Alba.

Although Santos loves music, it is clear that he has a real talent for comedy. The topics that he covered throughout his show varied. Most notably, he discussed his opinions about life in Manhattan, where he currently resides, as well as his first impressions of Geneseo.

He began the show by pointing out that he had no idea what to expect upon arrival, but one of the first things he noticed when he came here was the small-town, rural atmosphere. He said that in Manhattan it is unusual to see trees, and that when he got here the first thing he thought was, "What are you doing there, tree? You don't belong in the middle of nowhere; you should be in Central Park!" He joked that he is not used to such fresh air and that he was almost frightened about the fact that he was actually able to breathe here.

Santos also pointed out his surprise that there is such an uneven male to female ratio at Geneseo. He teased the women in the audience, saying that they must have a hard time finding relationships around here.

His big finale was soon a crowd favorite, with the performance of a song that he wrote entitled, "I Love You." The skit consisted of him playing the piano and humorously singing about his ex-girlfriend, whom he resented for betraying him. Throughout this performance the audience cheered and applauded in fits of laughter.

Carlos Santos proved to be a success among the Geneseo students. "I thought he was hilarious," said senior Sambridhi Shrestha. "It is great that we were able to have a multicultural event like this."