GSTV fills the day with 24-hour programming

Geneseo Student Television is having a technological revolution this semester. The organization has acquired a server system that will allow the station to broadcast programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"This is a big change for us," said senior Cory Alverson, the general manager of GSTV. "It is going to make us a legitimate media on campus. It took us a while to set up because of all the changes that this brings to the station." Because of the change, many of the jobs and responsibilities of GSTV's executive board are going to change, according to Alverson.

"We have to come up with new or revitalized policies and figure out exactly how they all work with the server system," Alverson added.

GSTV members have been working all semester to get this new piece of equipment up and running. According to Chris Gockley, junior and chief engineer, the server system works by having the programming stored within it, so that it can then play back shows all day long. Prior to this, staff members had to manually change the tapes for the different television programs. Programming typically ran only ten hours a day.

The new server system is set up to the GSTV computer network. To make sure the system operates properly programming needs to be added to it. Once the system is functioning properly, GSTV will air 24-hours a day.

"Once programming is put on the server, I have to wire the component into the GSTV system," said Gockley.

Students may see more GSTV members toting cameras to big events on campus; because members no longer have to manually change programming tapes for the station, they now can focus on filming events which will air around the clock on GSTV as programs.

"It's important to go 24 hours because there will be increased community involvement because of the live events that we tape to show on air," said junior Kristina Nikiforova and member of GSTV.

Members hope that this system is going to have a bigger impact on campus and increase student viewership of GSTV.

"It makes us more viable as a station and it is much more modern," said Alverson. The projected date for the start of 24-hour programming is Friday, Oct. 10.