Farewell, Yankee Stadium

Before we forget the historic significance of the "House that Ruth Built," or allow its obituary to fall into the hands of The Lamron's most notorious Mets fan, let us Yankee fans take the end of our season to reflect on over 80 seasons leading up to this final year of Yankee stadium.

After all, this was not merely the arena for us to watch our first ball games growing up - it afforded the same opportunity to our parents and our grandparents as well. The tradition woven through every fiber of the stadium is extraordinary, and it won't be demolished by any wrecking ball.

The memories of the great seasons, games, players and managers are inextricably linked to the stadium in which they were forged. When the last bricks have been swept away and the last gutted chairs are distributed on eBay, these memories will remain to immortalize the legend and legacy of Yankee stadium.

It's true that the Yankees are now in a lull, as they have been many times before. Fans have always experienced stretches of struggle and transition - it gives us a chance to reorganize after the bandwagon jumpers stop leeching off our reputation.

We have also experienced those years in between, those brief periods of triumph that have accumulated more World Series showings (100 games in all) and championships (26 titles in all) than any other stadium has ever seen. And this is our tradition.

It is no secret that this tradition has recently been eclipsed by the financial motives of bureaucrats who have always provided bandwagon Yankees haters with bait to chew on. But pay them no mind. The tradition of the old stadium can carry on, not because of the $1.6 billion that has been wasted on the construction of a new stadium, but in spite of it.

Yankee fans can allow the big heads to roll in their cash and lose touch with the true spirit of Yankee greatness. We'll even buy the commercialized "Last Season" souvenirs to commemorate their ignorance.

As long as fans and players can keep in their hearts the elements that have made their team great in the past century, we can play anywhere - even a dump like Shea - and be true to our legacy.