U of R hosts popular rock bands

On Sept. 26, alternative rock bands Phantom Planet and Motion City Soundtrack performed at the University of Rochester in the Georgen Athletic Center, which accommodated the many students who flocked to see the bands.

Phantom Planet opened the show when lead singer Alex Greenwald took the stage clad in tight pants and a black T-shirt. The bulk of the band's set included songs from their new album entitled Raise the Dead, but the group also played some of their more well-known material, such as the song "Big Brat" off their self-titled album, and "California," theme song of the popular television show "The O.C."

In addition to entertaining the audience with his music, Greenwald put to use his charismatic and outgoing personality to interact with them. He expressed his love for playing at colleges and in the atmosphere of such shows.

When Motion City Soundtrack took the stage, the crowd went wild. People who had floor tickets were forced to endure heat and tight quarters to see the band, but it was ultimately worth it. Motion City Soundtrack opened with "Better Open the Door," a track off of their second album, Commit This to Memory. Throughout the show, the band played an array of songs from all three of their studio albums, and according to their applause and enthusiasm, the audience was pleased with the selection.

Some of the bigger crowd-pleasers included "My Favorite Accident" and "The Future Freaks Me Out," two songs from the group's first album I Am the Movie. The band also played another favorite, "L.G. FUAD," from their 2005 album Commit This To Memory, much to the delight of the crowd.

Lead singer Justin Pierre prefaced almost every song by saying, "This song is about love." While Pierre is no stranger to sarcasm and joking around on stage, this statement held some truth. Fans of both sexes seem to enjoy Motion City Soundtrack, but it is true that many of their songs are about failed relationships, longing to be in a relationship or general affection for someone.

The Phantom Planet/Motion City Soundtrack performance was an upbeat concert that proved an entertaining time for all who attended, and showcased the alternative rock talents of the two bands for University of Rochester students and visitors alike.