Magician Justin Kredible amuses, amazes

Justin Kredible, Rachael Ray Show correspondent and Campus Activities Magazine's "Entertainer of the Year," brought his hilarious magic routine to Geneseo's KnightSpot on Friday.

Kredible, who has toured with Jason Mraz and co-starred in MTV's "Room 401," combined astonishing magic stunts with comic banter tailored to his audience. Over 100 students packed in to watch the show and Kredible made use of them in almost every single trick.

Many of the tricks were similar, employing classic sleight-of-hand techniques to make objects appear, disappear and change places. What separated Justin Kredible from a generic magician, however, was his ability to put on not just tricks, but a full show. Carefully cued music gave dramatic effect to many of his stunts and he interacted playfully with all of the volunteers.

In one skit, Kredible claimed to have a magic watch which told him that a female member of the audience was not wearing underpants. She claimed that this was untrue, leading Kredible to conclude, "It must be an hour fast!"

Some of the more memorable feats performed by Kredible included his swallowing a fully-inflated tubular balloon and making a table appear to float while he played John Mayer's "Gravity." One hilarious sketch involved Kredible learning a new magic trick with the help of an instructional audio tape. Though the trick called for the use of a bandana, the kit came with a banana, forcing the magician to fold and twist it as if it were a piece of cloth. For the finale, Kredible had a volunteer from the audience fire an initialed paintball into his mouth, which he reproduced intact.

Students were very receptive to the performance. "It was not like your general comedy show … it was a lot of fun," said junior Abby Wydysh.

"I thought it was awesome," freshman Jessica Ras said. "I was really stunned."