Provost leaving to start consulting firm

After five years as provost and vice president of academic affairs, Katherine Conway-Turner is resigning to start her own consulting company for higher education institutions.

At the end of the fall 2008 semester, Conway-Turner will leave her position, which entails supervising all academic departments along with facilities such as the library and Computing Information Technology.

The school has yet to find a permanent replacement for Conway-Turner. Associate Provost David Gordon will in act in her place until a successor is found.

"I have a wonderful support staff, and I know Dave will do an excellent job," Conway-Turner said.

In order to find a replacement, President Christopher Dahl will form a search committee. The committee, which will be composed of members of the faculty and administration, will work with a search firm to find qualified candidates. A replacement is expected to be named mid-summer 2009.

Conway-Turner has accomplished many things in her time at Geneseo.

"I'm particularly proud of the work we've done in technology advances and utilizing that technology to advance the possibilities for students," she said.

In addition to technological progress, opportunities to study abroad and linkages with universities around the world have both been expanded in Conway-Turner's tenure.

Conway-Turner said she has many fond memories of her time as Provost but that her favorite moments are when the community comes together as a whole on days like Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement and Talent Day.

"My favorite moments have to be convocation in the fall when the freshmen all gather together and of course graduation in the spring watching the seniors leave," she said.

Conway-Turner said that the biggest challenge she has faced has been the budget situation. "I can have wonderful and creative plans for the students but you always have to work within the constraints of the budget."

Conway-Turner said that beyond consulting, she would consider returning to a higher education institution in the future. "I tell my kids I just love higher education so much that I never left."