Staff Editorial: Homecoming is a time-honored waste of time

Homecoming is this weekend. Are you going? Neither are we.

It seems odd that Geneseo has a homecoming at all. Granted, it's part of the tradition of returning to school, but unfortunately Geneseo doesn't quite fit the bill for a college where a homecoming celebration is relevant or even, sadly, possible.

First, there's the football game. Everyone's been back at school for several weeks, classes are well underway, settling-in has happened, and the football team's off to a great start. On Homecoming Weekend we'll play host to our great arch-nemesis and, with any luck, we'll beat them and have an awesome after-party to make Animal House look like child's play.

That plan sounds excellent, except for one slight glitch: We don't have a pep rally, we don't have a stadium, we only have cheerleaders for basketball games, and we lack a football team. Already one out of the two usual homecoming nights is lacking.

Next, consider the second night when, riding the high of our stunning football victory, we all go to a dance. This too would be excellent, really, if there weren't the usual diversions to tempt us away. There won't be a homecoming dance this year, because there never has been a homecoming dance.

Lacking these two important features, Geneseo is left with nothing more than a limp effigy of a homecoming. This in and of itself wouldn't be such a problem if it didn't cost us money. Where else could our money be spent, if not on homecoming festivities that won't be attended by a large sector of the Geneseo population?

Perhaps sodas wouldn't have to cost $1.75, or maybe they could knock a dollar or two off of everyone's tuition. Or, even better, the funds could be used to bolster the Student Employment Service budget for important services like transportation to events off campus, including job and graduate school fairs. Certainly helping graduating students find jobs serves a higher purpose than an artificial homecoming.

Maybe if we had homecoming during the hockey season it would go over better, but as it stands, the idea of a football-free homecoming without a dance seems patently ridiculous, and perhaps a waste of our tuition.