Catching up with Judah Manetta

The Lamron: How long have you been playing soccer for?

Judah Manetta: I think probably since I was about four.

The Lamron: What was the highlight of your Geneseo career so far?

JM: Definitely winning the SUNYAC conference championship in 2006. It was my sophomore year.

The Lamron: What are your expectations for yourself and the team this fall?

JM: I'm more concerned about the team than myself, really we just need to play up to our potential, which we haven't done lately. We have a lot of talent and I can see us making it pretty far into the tournament.

The Lamron: What's your favorite part of Geneseo?

JM: For me, it's definitely the close atmosphere and the people around me.

The Lamron: Any plans after graduating?

JM: I would like to travel to Italy and try to continue to play soccer at a high level.

The Lamron: How have you changed or improved since freshman year?

JM: For me the biggest change is in my mental game and how I prepare for a game. Also with my attitude, and learning to contain myself.

The Lamron: What will you miss the most about Geneseo?

JM: Just the close-knit relationships I've built with my teammates, my peers and my coach.

The Lamron: What did you do in the offseason to prepare for your senior year?

JM: Well, my offseason didn't go too well. I was playing for a semi-pro team in Buffalo called Queen City. About six weeks ago I injured myself and couldn't play which really hampered my conditioning for this year and then I missed the first four days of pre-season with an infection.

The Lamron: How big of an effect has all that time off had on your play so far?

JM: It has had a pretty big impact. I used to play 55-60 minutes a game and now I can only handle about 40-45 minutes so just my conditioning is behind where it should be.