Film Review: Burn After Reading a likely hit

For the first time since the Ocean's trilogy, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are coming together for a comedy action film that already has movie fans on the edge of their seats.

Burn After Reading is the first Coen brothers' movie since the Academy Award best picture No Country For Old Men. Viewers should expect a departure from the most recent dark, slow pace and a return to the engaging style of past hits like O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Big Lebowski and Fargo.

After an alcoholic and former CIA official played by John Malkovich lets his memoir fall into the hands of two irresponsible gym employees, played by Pitt and Frances McDormand, Treasury Agent Harry Pfarrer (Clooney) is assigned to recover the disc before classified content is exploited or exposed.

"The new movie is about the culture of the Central Intelligence Agency and the culture of physical fitness in Washington DC and what happens when those two worlds collide," Joel Coen told "It's also about Internet dating."

Though it has not been given the hype of some other upcoming releases, the trailers, advance reviews and team behind it suggest an upbeat production that will at least rank among the cult classics of comedy.

After opening the 2008 Venice Film Festival, feedback for Burn After Reading has been predominantly favorable. The film has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews online, with an 8.3 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database, and a 75% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

With the tag line "Intelligence is relative" and a speedy 96-minute running time, the flick also seems like it will fit the bill for the college crowd. If you're looking to get the most out of your $3 dollars at the Midknight Movie this Friday, or just banking on a weekend movie date, The Lamron feels safe in recommending Burn After Reading for your viewing pleasure.