Award-winning a capella group brings quality singing, humor to Ballroom

To kick off the month of September, Geneseo hosted a concert for the a capella music group Regency in the College Union Ballroom.

Regency, an award-winning five-man ensemble originally from Baltimore, Md., has been performing for over 20 years. Members Dewayne McNeill, Milton Ames, Aubrey Brown Jr., John Tiller and Isaiah Simmons gave an original, energetic and humorous performance as they sang well-known favorites to the eager crowd.

Of the many numbers they performed, such hits as "Only Sixteen," "Shout," "Stand by Me" and "My Girl" stood out. The group members combined their talented singing with some playful choreography and fun dialogue to make for an even more exciting and engaging concert.

Jokes exchanged among the singers in between numbers prevented any boredom and gave the concert a comedic feel. Often, the antics and dancing of one of Regency's members provoked outright laughter from the audience even in the middle of a number.

The performers' interactions with the audience, whether they were singing love songs to individuals or just having fun, gave the concert an intimate and lively atmosphere. At one point, Regency even invited viewers onstage to join in a triumphant rendition of "In the Still of the Night."

"I really enjoyed the concert," said sophomore Tess Leverenz. "They were funny and the singing was great." Leverenz was invited on stage for a birthday song from the men of Regency.

Overall, Regency's performance was fast paced and busy without being overwhelming. They moved quickly between songs and jokes, but the singers' easy-going and friendly manners let the audience relax and enjoy the show from the moment it started. Judging from the laughter and applause of the audience, Regency was a big hit.