Next year's Lamron staff set for fall semester

Next year will see significant changes in top Lamron staff, as the paper recently elected a number of new editors for the 2008-2009 academic year.

Among the most notable changes, the current Lamron staff elected junior Dan Skahen to replace the editor-in-chief of two years, senior Jacob Kriss. Under Kriss' guidance, Geneseo has seen The Lamron grow and improve. Editors expect that though the dynamic is bound to change under a new editor-in-chief, the paper will continue to grow in the positive direction that it has seen in the past few years.

"Any time that you have a new editor-in-chief, things are going to change a little," said News Editor Sean Kaplan, who will continue as news editor next semester. "It will be weird not having Jacob around."

Skahen is enthusiastic for next year.

"I'm really excited," he said. "I think it will offer a lot of opportunities. I love the staff now, and I love next year's too. It's a great mix of people."

In addition to a new editor-in-chief, junior Cassandra Visconti, currently the copy editor, will replace senior Chris Tripodi as managing editor.

"I'm looking forward to collaborating with Dan as we work to increase readership and take The Lamron to new heights," Visconti said.

Other new additions to The Lamron staff include sophomore Jenna Geiser as arts and entertainment editor, junior Tom Wilder as sports editor, freshman Aaron Davis as goings on editor, freshman Kevin Muller as associate news editor and freshman Julie McMahon as copy editor.

While The Lamron has welcomed a number of new members to editorial positions, many editors will remain. In addition to Kaplan, senior Matt Dubois will remain opinion editor, junior Nicholas Haanschoten will be Web editor, sophomore Jill Capewell will continue to be knights' life editor and sophomores Lauren Zinter and Christine Cusano will be maintain their current positions as advertising manager and photo editor, respectively.