Letter to the Editor: Student urges others to stop complaining, enjoy Geneseo

To the editor:

The administration doesn't care about the students. Drinking and sex is ruining people's college experiences. The concert selection is awful. Every week it's something new. I feel like I'm living inside the movie PCU. We need to find something wrong with this school and tell everyone about it.

Why? SUNY Geneseo is a great institution. We have a beautiful campus and community, excellent facilities and faculty, and all for a very low price. This is a good school. So why is everyone trying so hard to convince themselves and others that it is not?

Yes, there are and always will be issues and problems that arise on a college campus. Some are legitimate and serious and we should take serious action to resolve them. But we as students also need to learn not to make mountains out of molehills, because this takes away from the credibility of actual problems. I have news for everyone: the '60s are over. We missed them. Nearly every student or alumni I have met in my tenure here at Geneseo has had nothing but good things to say about our school. But if you spend a few days on the campus or on one of the message boards of The Lamron, you would think that we are being horribly oppressed on every front.

The truth is that we just want (or need) something to get worked up about and try to fix. I'll be the first to admit guilt in this respect. I get all fired up every time there is a new issue on campus. But we can't let it ruin our college experience. We have four years to be free, have fun, make poor decisions and act irresponsibly. So why don't we all take a deep breath and just relax? This is college. Let's have some fun.

-Mike Baker, senior