Letter to the Editor: Student casts doubt on accuracy of TurnItIn.com

To the editor:

After reading the article on TurnItIn.com, I arrived home to find my husband upset. He attends another college and was just accused of plagiarism using sites that he had never even heard of. One of his "plagiarisms" was the Constitution, which was cited!

We both have done research looking for articles pertaining to this and have found that the majority of news is positive. It is as if any false accusations of plagiarism are swept under the carpet.

I would love to see an anonymous poll of faculty and students who have used TurnItIn or been accused of plagiarism to find out if it really is as good as they say.

After what I have heard, I do not think that it is worth the money the school spends on it, especially after finding that your work is put into a database that anyone can have access to under TurnItIn policy.

Kirsten E. Wheelock