Improv show a fantastic finale

The Brodie Black Box Theatre was crammed with students this past Friday afternoon as Geneseo's comedy improv group, No Laugh Track Required, put on its final performance of the year. The show featured a medley of classic improv skits, each humorously executed with a flair that kept the audience laughing throughout the afternoon.

The show opened with 2007 alumnus Jeff Andrews promising to educate the audience a little about No Laugh Track. Suddenly, the song "Shake It Up Baby" by The Isley Brothers began to fill the theatre and Andrews began dancing humorously, much to the crowd's amusement. As the song continued, each member of No Laugh Track came out individually to join him, adding new types and styles of moves to the dancing.

"The Irish Drinking Song" was another memorable part of the show, featuring seniors Nick Moran and Nick Johnson and sophomores Nick Ponterio and Sean Miller. The four took a topic suggestion from the audience (in this case, a 'really rad bicycle'), and then proceeded to make up lyrics about it one line at a time to the upbeat tune of an old pub-type song. The audience clapped along and hooted as the four members musically narrated their random tale about the bike in question, giving an approving round of applause as the song concluded.

Another entertaining skit was the "Bachelorette Dating Game," featuring juniors Danny Carroll and Dave French and sophomore John Gasper as the three potential dates for the "Bachelorette," sophomore Jen Thorpe. The twist of the scene was that each of the boys had to act out a certain personality chosen by the audience. This resulted in a pterodactyl for Carroll, a man who changes the weather by saying the word 'I' for French, and Spider-Man with a cold for Gasper. The three members did excellent jobs of incorporating their assigned characteristics into their responses to Thorpe's questions, leading her to guess their assumed identities by the end of the 'game'.

One of the last skits was called "World's Worst." It brought several club alumni scattered throughout the audience up onto the stage to perform with the current No Laugh Track members. The group went through a series of topics such as shoplifters, natural disasters, and frat boys, doing their impersonations of the 'world's worst' of each category, much to the delight of the audience.

No Laugh Track's final performance for the semester was very entertaining, and it was especially enjoyable to see old and current members come together to produce even more unforgettable comedy. More information about No Laugh Track and its upcoming events can be found at