Gala not a drag for lovely, um, ladies

The KnightSpot was rockin' and hoppin' Saturday night, April 26, when Pride Alliance hosted their 10th annual Drag Ball. Pride Alliance aimed to create a night that would be fun and entertaining. The KnightSpot saw a moderate turnout that made for a successful event.

"The humor and camp that pervades Drag Ball is a perfect medium for exploring and questioning how we construct and perceive gender while still having a good time," said Trisha Davies, sophomore and vice president of Pride Alliance.

The Drag Ball featured performances from professional drag kings and queens from the club Tilt in Rochester, along with four "amateur" performances from Geneseo students. Songs such as "Life is a Highway" and "Keep Bleeding" were performed.

"Drag performances are typified by dancing and lip-syncing, but the exaggeration, sharp wit and satire is what is most important," said Davies.

Many students who attended were just curious to experience a drag ball for the first time.

"I decided to check it out because I've never been to one before," said junior Dominiche Lovings. "Plus, I had nothing else to do tonight, so, why not?"

Curiosity was not the only reason that brought students to the KnightSpot on Saturday; some came out to support those who were on stage.

"I have a friend who's performing," said senior Abbie Wyman. "I really like the music and I'm having a lot of fun."

In addition to the evening's event, Pride Alliance also sponsored other activities throughout the year such as the "Gay? Fine by me" presentation and the Second Chance Prom. The Drag Ball was a fun way to bring members and curious students together for an enjoyable evening.

"Drag is a transgression of gender roles and a celebration of queer identity, for some," said Davies. "But, overall, it's rowdy and enjoyable. Drag Ball is a sort of event that is very accessible and inviting for all."