A Day in the Life of: Graduating Seniors

As students venture through four years at Geneseo, good times ensue along with stress and loads of schoolwork. However, when senior year is up, reality kicks into gear and bittersweet memories predictably result.

Some members of the class of 2008 offered insight into their experience at Geneseo and their upcoming entrance into the "real world."

Graduating seniors tell undergraduate students to never take time here for granted.

Senior Jen Delcourt advised students to take advantage of the unique environment found in Geneseo. During her time here, Delcourt has taken advantage of activities such as women's club ice hockey and Livingston CARES relief trips to Mississippi.

"Take risks and seize opportunities, because you may never be in such a small, supportive community again," she said. "But listen to yourself, because this is your future that you're preparing for, so do what's best for you."

Senior class President Niki Gaiter expressed a similar sentiment.

"College is the one time people can do things that are acceptable because we're in college, but once that ends, we actually have to think about what we're doing and the repercussions after," she said.

While many view college as taking another academic step in life, Jacob Kriss, a senior and current Lamron editor-in-chief, advised students and peers to invest time in extracurricular activities.

"Don't be content to just get your diploma. Dedicate yourself to something at school outside of academics…you'll be thankful you did, because you're not going to get far with a diploma alone," he said.

Many seniors agree that actually graduating is quite the surreal experience.

"Graduating is bittersweet," said Gaiter. "I'm not sure when it will hit me, or any of the seniors, but I feel it's not going to be until the end of summer when we realize it's not just summer vacation and we're not coming back to Geneseo."

Delcourt also was somewhat scared of graduating. "I don't really feel prepared for this experience; what can prepare you for leaving the safety of the routines of the school environment and for leaving such a close-knit community?"

As bittersweet as graduating and leaving Geneseo is, many feel that they have lived out their college experience. They are ready to move on and take on life's challenges in full force.

"It's obviously sad to be leaving, but I feel ready to move on at this point. I'm not one of those, 'I wanna stay at Geneseo forever' kind of people," said Kriss.

Gaiter agreed, stating that she's definitely ready to leave Geneseo as a student. On the other hand, she's looking forward to the reunions that will take place.

"I'm very excited for Alumni Weekends as well as the random Geneseo get-togethers that will happen," she said.

The experiences that both the town and college offer are valuable and underclassmen are advised to take everything for all it's worth.

"I'm proud to say I'm graduating from SUNY Geneseo," Gaiter said.