Competition heats up at Campus Cup

Laughter and cheering erupted from Onondaga Field this past Saturday, April 19, when the first annual Campus Cup took place. Inter-Residence Council sponsored the event.

Their aim was to create an event that was fun and different, but would also be appealing to many people and support a good cause. This year, IRC chose to support H.O.R.S.E. Rescue and Sanctuary.

"The president of H.O.R.S.E. Rescue is a very good friend of mine and is on the programming committee with me, so the IRC chose to support them," said Danielle Forrest, junior and programming coordinator of the IRC.

The event featured different athletic, strategic and brain-teaser games, and participants were asked to bring $1 to support the H.O.R.S.E. Rescue cause, Forrest said.

The myriad of activities included tug-of-war, dizzy bat, wheelbarrow races, a water balloon toss, egg on a spoon, a relay race, crossword and sudoku puzzles, and an inflatable gladiator jousting competition. Three teams, with as many as 10 people each, participated.

"My favorite activity was the dizzy bat because it was a lot of fun," said sophomore Dave Cheng. "My team did terribly which made it even better."

Sophomore Mindy Long agreed that the dizzy-bat activity was both engaging and comical.

"It was really fun watching people not being able to run," she said.

"Today was definitely a success," said Forrest. "We wanted more teams but we still had almost 50 people here today. Everyone is here just enjoying the day."

Participants agreed with Forrest.

"It's a nice day out and this was a lot of fun," said freshman Kate Smith.

Amy Ryan, a freshman, chose to participate in the Campus Cup because a friend asked her to join.

"It's a reminder of elementary school field days," she said.

There were prizes for the teams that came in first, second and third places. But, because there were only three teams, everyone received the prized Mama Mia's gift certificates, making everyone a winner at the Campus Cup.