Catching up with Kerry Kuhn

The Lamron: What do you think is your best pitch?

Kerry Kuhn: Inside rise… I like to throw that a lot because it's usually a faster pitch, and a lot of people just can't catch up to it I guess; inside pitches are usually tough to hit.

The Lamron: What was it like starting out 0-4 this year, despite having a really good ERA?

KK: It was frustrating... to not win, but I knew that we would come through [with the hitting].

The Lamron: You personally have been pitching, and winning, a ton lately. Does that take a toll on your arm at all?

KK: Actually, I haven't felt anything in my arm at all, which I'm surprised at.

The Lamron: What do you enjoy more, pitching or hitting?

KK: Hmm…I don't know. I guess I would say pitching...because of all the strategy and knowing what pitches to throw and when.

The Lamron: Did your sister [Audrey Kuhn '07] inspire you to play softball when you were growing up?

KK: I feel like we started at about the same time…there were points in high school when I was like 'maybe it's not for me,' because I wasn't getting pitching time, but she encouraged me to stay with it and see where it went in college.

The Lamron: You had a better ERA than her in your freshman year; do you think you're a better player?

KK: No I don't think so, she was an All-American, so she's pretty good.

The Lamron: Are you hoping to be by the end of your senior year?

KK: I have some goals for myself, but some of the numbers that she's put up are phenomenal. I mean it'd be great to maybe beat her, but I don't know if it'll happen.

The Lamron: Besides softball, what sports do you enjoy watching or playing?

KK: I play pick-up basketball a lot; I actually played in a three-on-three tournament in the fall with another girl on my team. Just fun stuff, I like watching baseball and football, and I played field hockey in high school too.