Staff Editorial: College needs to ramp up accessibility

Due to the difficult topography of the location, navigating the Geneseo campus is an inherently strenuous process. That said, it is even more difficult for a person with a permanent or temporary physical disability to get from place to place. Granted, it is impossible to make any campus perfectly accessible, let alone one located on a hill. Still, the school could be doing more than it has in the past in order to make getting from one place to another safe and feasible for the physically disabled.

Unfortunately, the administration has not been receptive to students' complaints. For example, a Geneseo student has been asking for a map displaying all handicapped doors and parking spots on campus for over two years, but that has yet to materialize.

There are certain aspects of transporting oneself via crutches or a wheelchair on campus that are simply unsafe. For example, if a student has to transport himself or herself from a dorm on the north side of campus to a class in Welles Hall, they would have to somehow make it up two large hills, one of which has steps. This is not only difficult; it is dangerous, especially at times of inclement weather.

A solution could lie in a provision of transportation to bring students to and from classes. As the campus bus route does not stop in front of most academic buildings, a separate system is necessary to aid those with physical disabilities. With all of the GEM cars owned by the school, could it be that difficult to allocate one specifically for handicapped students? Systems such as this are in place at other colleges, including SUNY schools. Why not Geneseo?

As it should, Geneseo generally does a great job providing services for those with mental handicaps. Hopefully, the school will soon choose to provide better services for those with physical ones. Due to the lack of options for disabled students, many have been forced to wrestle with the ultimatum: health or education? Nobody should have to even ponder this question.