Catching up with Dylan Bittlingmaier

The Lamron: What is the team's overall goal for the season?

Dylan Bittlingmaier: Our main goal is to win the SUNYAC and the only team getting in our way is SUNY Cortland. We have a big game against them April 23 at Cortland and we want to win so we get the automatic qualifying bid for the NCAA.

The Lamron: Will lacrosse be a part of your life after school?

DB: Absolutely. I'd love to go in to coaching and I think working with coach Lyons has helped me so much to understand the game. He's taught me a lot, how to attack a defense and how to set up defenses and learning from him has just been really good practice for later.

The Lamron: Favorite team to play against?

DB: Definitely Nazareth College. I'm from Pittsford so I get to see them walking around at home in their sweaters and wearing jerseys. Also, I play summer league with them and it's a lot of fun to play them and beat them like we did a few weeks ago.

The Lamron: How does this year's team compare to last year?

DB: Last year there was a lot more individual talent; not nearly as much team chemistry. This year we get along great from freshmen to seniors; the team isn't based on individual skill but how it works together, and that's how we got to where we are [at 9-1].

The Lamron: Last week you had a pretty good game, four goals and an assist, what happened that game?

DB: Well it was against Oneonta, I'd say it was the stick honestly. I broke two of mine in warm-ups and I had to borrow someone else's.

The Lamron: Favorite memory about lacrosse here at Geneseo?

DB: Last year when we were in the SUNYAC [title] game vs. Cortland...the soccer team along with some other students showed up in support. It was a tie game, three seconds left and we scored to win and everyone just blew up. It was one of the few times I've seen coach smile.