NYC externship offers inside look into careers

Over Spring Break, 13 students selected by the Undergraduate Alumni Association were given the opportunity to go to New York City to connect and network with alumni as part of the association's externship program.

Senior Katie Grow, student coordinator for UAA, explained that the main goals of this externship were for students to experience New York City and explore different career fields while simultaneously networking with Geneseo alumni.

"For alumni, it's a chance to help out students from their alma mater and get involved with Geneseo again by sharing their experiences," explained Grow. "Both alumni and students are positively impacted, much more than they ever expected to be."

While in New York City, the students visited many companies and places, such as Neuberger Berman, Madison Square Garden, Mt. Sinai Hospital and the New York District Attorney's office, that encompassed different career fields. The visits were set up through the various alumni working at these places.

"My most favorite part about the externship was being able to experience the New York City life for a whole week," said Katie McClean, a senior who went on the trip. "What other time in your life do you get to go to New York City with a group of people your age and basically all try to figure the city out together? It was just an amazing experience!"

Grow further explained that each extern set up an individual visit with an alumnus or alumnae who is in a career of particular interest to that student.

"It really helps a student understand whether they could see themselves doing something similar," said Grow. In addition to these group and individual visits, different alumni hosted the externs for welcome and farewell receptions both in their homes and in restaurants around the city.

One of the most beneficial parts of the visit for the externs was an alumni panel that took place midweek. Nine alumni volunteers answered various questions about living and going to school in New York City.

"This is one of the best events all week because alumni are very honest and give wonderful advice, truthful mishaps, stories, suggestions and all the externs take a lot away from this real, down-to-earth kind of discussion with Geneseo graduates who have already been through what we are seeing in our near future," said Grow.

"I learned a lot about what it takes to make a successful transition from Geneseo to the 'real world,'" said junior Jason Hoskins.