Musical Theatre Club show again a dancing delight

Last weekend, the Alice Austin Theatre hosted the spring revue show of Geneseo's own Musical Theatre Club, entitled "MTC: Robots in Disguise." All three nights saw packed crowds of students, faculty and community members anxiously hoping to be admitted to the free event. This semester's performance featured not only impressively directed and performed Broadway songs from shows new and old, but an abundance of hilarious between-number skits as well.

One of the most memorable numbers from the first act was "Pirate Song/Indians" from the musical Peter Pan, directed by junior Debra De Amicis. The song featured several members of MTC parading around the stage in hilarious makeshift buccaneer costumes. Senior Alex MacDonald portrayed Peter Pan, leading his "Indian" cast members in an impressive bit of student choreography that appeared comical as well as skillful.

Another enjoyable number from the first part of the show was "The Mob Song" from the musical Beauty and the Beast (directed by De Amicis as well as sophomore Leora Bernstein). The performance centered on an initial skit which saw the cast rallying around the idea of "killing" junior MTC member Danny Carroll for stealing a package of Pop-Tarts. As they went into dramatic verses about what they would do to him upon catching him, Carroll proceeded to run mischievously around the stage and into the audience (even hiding for a brief period in the front row). The song ended with the cast in a dramatic pose around Carroll, who stood center-stage pretending to laugh maniacally.

The second act likewise saw several impressive numbers. In particular, the song "Sooner or Later" from the musical Dick Tracy (choreographed by seniors Christiana Shorter and Eleni Mickles) was not only very well put together and performed, but also provided an enjoyable change of pace in the show with its slow, sensuous music and serious undertones. Shorter herself sung the entire song, awing the whole audience with her rich and powerful voice.

MTC's spring revue came to a close with a performance by the club seniors of the song "Come So Far" from Hairspray. Following this, the club then did their final number: the title song from the musical Footloose (directed by MacDonald and senior Ed Brady), which featured energetic choreography and singing and was a dynamic way to end this semester's unforgettable show.

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