Letter to the Editor: Students explain poor Forms in Motion show

To the editor:

This year's Sibling's Weekend show, Forms in Motion, was a very poor representation of the Limelight and Accents series and Activities Commission as a whole. I'm sure those who have seen other shows we have put on can attest to the high quality and professionalism our shows usually encompass. We were very misled by the company, Forms in Motion, and were extremely disappointed in the final product.

The performance that we were presented with and the performance that the audience saw were two very different shows. Both the agent and the company assured us this would be an energetic circus-style performance, including acrobatics. Needless to say, this was not what the audience viewed at the show. This was the first time the company had performed this particular show and it was very apparent that they were not the professional performers we had been led to believe they were.

We are very embarrassed by the presentation this past weekend. Previous shows we have had this year, such as Luna Negra Dance Theatre, Bellydance Superstars, Rockapella and Alonzo King's Lines Ballet clearly show that we strive to bring professional, polished and entertaining shows to our fellow students and the surrounding community. We hope that the audience members can see this was not the high-quality performance that we have become known for, and we are equally as disappointed in the performance.

We can assure all who attended Forms in Motion, or any of our shows, that much thought and preparation goes into the Limelight and Accents Series. We plan our shows a year in advance and do months of research on artists before contracting them. We would be very saddened if this performance overshadowed the unique and very successful season we have had up until this point.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail Activities Commission at actcomm@geneseo.edu.

Kelsey Ryan and Ahmed Sheikh

Limelight and Accents