Letter to the Editor: Student blasts parking committee chairman

To the editor:

A few recent events have prompted me to release my grievances for the rest of the student body to consider. I am willing to bet that I am not alone in what I have to say: The Lamron printed an article in the Feb. 28 edition in which a person said unfortunate and asinine things. Mike Mooney, the chair of the Parking Committee, stated that Geneseo has "green, we have trees […] you can't have everything, so we're trying to figure out what will work to give everybody the best opportunity."

Indeed, the landscaping and views Geneseo offers are stunning and quaint; however, parking is an issue that takes precedence for students. This statement seemed foolish to make to college students who circle the parking lots on Northside for 20 minutes, waiting for a spot to open up. The idea that no plans are currently being considered by the Parking Committee to alleviate this problem is bewildering and does not inspire confidence. Already Lot H is often full, and students are forced to choose between parking on South Side or Lot Q, down by Route 63. Consider that another residence hall, Seneca, is to open next year on Northside. With no intention of creating more parking and apparently little thought given to restricting freshmen and even, if necessary, transfer student parking, where are 120 more students going to park?

In my humble opinion, Northside students should not be forced to park on Southside. The college placed me in Allegany Hall, and I fully expect to be able to park reasonably close to my residence hall. I will send a similar letter to Dean of Students Leonard Sancilio and Mooney in hopes that more consideration will be given to the parking crisis on Geneseo campus. If there is not a public response from the appropriate authorities on this topic, I encourage others to voice their opinions of the matter as well. Perhaps an outcry from the student body will place the needed pressure on the officials who can change current policies.

Andrew R. Gustafson