Catching up with Lindsay Norton

The Lamron: So, how has the season been so far?

Lindsay Norton: It's been all right. So far we've only played games in Florida because of a couple rainouts. We're only 2-6 but I really don't think our record reflects how good we are and how good we can be. [Editor's note: The team is now 3-7 after Tuesday's games].

The Lamron: What is the best part about being a pitcher?

LN: I think it's probably the overall importance of the position. It's just different from all the other ones. I mean on every pitch you have your teammates counting on you and you don't want to let them down.

The Lamron: Last year you led the team with a 2.49 ERA. Are you hoping to improve upon that this season?

LN: Last year was really my first full season as a pitcher. I think I pitched pretty well, but I think I can definitely improve different parts if my game as the season goes on.

The Lamron: Why softball at Geneseo?

LN: Well, the education here is one of the best in the northeast. The softball program here is pretty good as well so it seemed like a good fit.

The Lamron: What's the hardest part about playing a collegiate sport?

LN: Clearly all the hard work that is involved. Everything from practice to homework to studying. It can be pretty exhausting.

The Lamron: If you had to play a sport other than softball, what would it be?

LN: Well, actually my first love was gymnastics. I did it as a kid, but it involves so much time and money so eventually I focused on softball.