Student magazine boosts local business

Looking for something to do in the area? Soon you'll be able to peruse LIVE Magazine, an entirely student-produced publication that aims to introduce Geneseo residents to the businesses and attractions of Livingston County.

Senior Mike Baker, the project's coordinator, developed the idea for a publication highlighting Livingston County businesses after working on a business directory for the town of Nunda. Inspired by his work, he began plans for an expanded business directory and promotional magazine for Livingston County geared towards college students.

According to Baker, there are currently seven students working on the magazine including junior Beth Farmer, the sales team leader, and senior Ivan Cash, the graphic team leader. The rest of the team is made up of seniors Chris Boyce and Ashley Coon and juniors Liz Levy and Meri Teasdale. Louise Wadsworth and Maureen Palumbo of the Livingston and Wyoming Counties Alliance for Business Growth have also collaborated with the team.

"There is a lack of information [about Main Street]," said Wadsworth. "The merchants on Main Street need to figure out how to market to the students. Bringing in brand names is one way and LIVE Magazine will help inform students."

"It's geared toward students and it's true to student life," said Baker. "All of the articles are written by students for students."

According to Baker, one of the articles spotlights the various restaurants for finding great buffalo wings, while another reviews establishments, such as spas, where women may wish to go for a "day out."

The magazine is a project that grew out of professor Mary Mohan's Communication 200: Theory and Practice of Public Relations course in fall 2006.

Mohan is the director of two internships - both of which Baker has participated in - that are focused on producing the magazine.

"I was very pleased to be able to provide support so that [the magazine] became a reality," Mohan said.

Baker described the advantages of working on a publication like the magazine.

"I've learned more from working on this magazine than from any of my classes. The hands-on experience is priceless."

Baker said that students should look for the magazine around dorms, in academic buildings and in the Union.

A sneak-preview of the magazine is online at, and the team's contact e-mail is Most of team is made up of graduating seniors, so the project will be looking for future interns.

The magazine will be released on April 4 at 10 a.m. at the Campus House Ballroom located at 17 Main St.