Republicans sweep village elections

The Republicans enjoyed a victory in a very close race against Democratic candidates in the Geneseo Village election held on March 18, in which two Village Board seats as well as one village justice seat were available.

Republican Bradley Janson claimed the village justice seat, which was vacated by John Linfoot. Janson won with 399 votes to the 326 votes claimed by his opponent, Democrat Bill Brennan, a retired Geneseo geology professor.

The race for two village board seats was close as well. Both Republican winners were newcomers; Tom LaGrou won with 384 votes, John Fox with 376. Incumbent Democrat Bob Wilcox lost with 340 votes, as did Democrat Margaret Duff with 354 votes.

Republicans now outnumber Democrats 3-2 on the Village Board.

In this year's election, 732 people made it to the polls, representing a 21.1 percent voter turnout. The number was quite low due to what some perceive as bad timing of the election -during Spring Break. Only 3.7 percent of voters in District 2, which consists largely of students, voted.

"I think a lot more students would have voted in the village election had it not been during our Spring Break," said Think Globally, Vote Locally member Fiona Murray, a junior. "But, I also think if the candidates had taken more time to seek out the student vote, whether it be phone banking, e-mails or personal letters, then definitely more students would have voted. If students know there is an election going on and that there are issues affecting their lives, then they will vote." u