Letter to the Editor: Kaitlin Charity loved and missed by dorm cleaner

To the editor:

I am a cleaner in South Quad, and I was Kaitlin Charity's cleaner last year in Nassau Hall. On Nov. 1, I attended the memorial service in the Ballroom held by the college and Kaitlin's roommates, Chrissy and Laura. I was very moved by the turnout of the campus community and by how many people Kaitlin had touched.

Being a cleaner in the dorms, we come in close proximity with students and they become family, friends and in some cases surrogate children to us.

Kaitlin was all of the above to me. She always made time in her busy schedule to stop and give me a hug, to ask how my day was going or to share her funny stories with me. I will remember her sense of humor, her concern for others, and the way she would make me smile on bad days.

My sorrow runs very deep for the loss of Kaitlin; she was one of my kids and I will never forget her. She is an angel now.

In closing, I would like to thank all the students that we cleaners take care of. Thank you for taking time to know us and for making us part of your extended family. It does matter and it means a great deal to us. I don't look at coming to work as a job, because to me it's like coming to a second home.

Ava Pascalar

South Quad cleaner