Greek Corner: Ago sorority sisters value quality and quantity

Founded in 1885, the Agonian Literary Society, more commonly known as Ago (Alpha Kappa Phi), has been a part of the Geneseo community for more than a century. On 26 Wadsworth Street, their white house is visible from campus, letters shown to the passerby. Although it is over 100 years old, this sorority is still growing. They have 57 active sisters and 16 women going through the new membership process.

Sophomore Rachel Laber hints at the secret to their continued growth.

"I could not think of having a better time in Geneseo if I didn't pledge," she said. "It was the best decision I ever made."

Laber is Web page coordinator, e-mail coordinator and publicity coordinator for the sorority. She has also been involved with InterGreek Council, as a representative last semester and publicity coordinator this semester.

The women of Ago are proud of their house, which is unique to say the least. They are one of the few sororities that own their house. Sisters have lived in the house since the 1960s, finally purchasing it in 1972. Along with the deed, however, the Ago women received an unwanted gift when they made their purchase. There are many rumors that their house is haunted and some of the members can confirm it. Many have heard ghost stories about the house and claim to have heard strange footsteps not made by any sister. So far, there have not been any ghost sightings.

Ago is very much active on campus as well as in the community.

"I love that I am part of a sorority with girls who are just as passionate and dedicated to giving back and bettering the community," says publicity and recruitment counselor Bora Lim, a junior.

Recently, they completed their prom-dress drive for Katie Shirley's Closet, a charity organization that collects and donates prom dresses to high school juniors and seniors who wouldn't be able to otherwise afford them. They collected over 30 dresses. It was founded by the family of Katie Shirley, one of five Fairport High School graduates killed in a car crash in June. Agos help other charities like the Wilson Commencement Park. In addition, these women are regularly part of Relay for Life, mailing cards to recovering soldiers and donating food to families through the Adopt-a-Family program.

The Agos are one of the larger sororities on campus, but do not lose quality with quantity. They are a very diverse group of women. Everyone is involved with something on campus, so they can always find another sister with similar interests. According to Laber, sorority life provides the opportunity to get more involved in campus life and to hold leadership positions.

When asked about the benefits of Greek life, Laber said that, "by being a Greek, you get the most out of Geneseo. You make friends and are automatically connected to a community. Everyone with Greek letters has a connection, no matter what the letters are."