Restaurant Review: Mark's Pizzeria a good Italian alternative

While Geneseo students generally frequent Mama Mia's or Pizza Paul's, Mark's Pizzeria should be considered the next time students want a change from the usual. Mark's recently opened this semester and is located next to Wegman's.

Tired of the thin-crust pizza typically served at the dining hall and at surrounding pizza places, I decided to give Mark's a shot this past weekend.

Upon arrival, and to my dismay, I discovered that seating is not provided at Mark's. The waiting time was reasonable, 25 minutes, for placing an order consisting of a medium pizza, chicken wings and cheesy garlic breadsticks. The food was ready when they said it would be, which was surprising because the employees were a little immature behind the counter, swearing and throwing pizza box warmers on the ground. Understandably, it was a Saturday night so rowdiness was expected to a certain extent, but I was a little taken aback by the activity behind the counter. Luckily, the man who took my order was cordial and professional.

The menu selection was fairly broad with everything that a normal pizzeria has including salads, subs, breadsticks, pizza, etc.

The food was very tasty. More specifically, the pizza dough was a lot thicker than any other pizza I've had around here. Personally, I'm partial to actually eating a pizza slice with some consistency, so Mark's was pleasing in that matter. However, the medium pizza was comparable to a small-sized pizza anywhere else, which was slightly disappointing. The sauce was just normal pizza sauce, nothing too special, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I would not, however, recommend the cheesy garlic breadsticks, due to the lack of both cheese and garlic. But, the mild barbeque wings were taste-bud friendly, and rightly so because Mark's has their own brand of barbeque sauce that is on sale at the pizzeria. The prices were also reasonable.

Because there was a lack of, or should I say no, seating, I took refuge in the sub shop in Wegman's and luckily I was not asked to leave. I'm not sure that everyone who goes to Mark's should bank on eating in the Wegman's sub shop, but Mark's is a great choice for a pizzeria and with 45 locations ranging from Buffalo to Syracuse, there are many to choose from to make your taste buds sing with joy.