Letter to the Editor: Geneseo, clean up your act

To the editor:

It seems like everywhere you turn there are signs of the disrespect among college students on this campus. Trash everywhere but the trash cans, RAs' bulletin boards destroyed in some drunken act of revenge or foolishness; the list is endless. So the question is, why?

Geneseo is supposedly populated with an extremely talented and intelligent student population, so why do all of those smarts fly out the window the moment "Thirsty Thursday" or the weekend roll around? The answer to that question seems to be none other than beer. It's ironic how three weeks ago the front page of The Lamron was about the issue of drinking on college campuses and then the poll two weeks ago showed that 45 percent of Lamron readers would keep beer if they had to give up everything else on the list. Interesting.

The weekend before last, I was sitting in the Union enjoying a foccaccia when a girl, who had obviously had too much to drink, started puking on the Union floor. All I could think of was the poor person who was going to have to come clean up after her fun night out on the town. It seems like for all of the smarts that students on this campus have, they don't have the sense to see that what they are doing is disrespectful. And if they do, they don't seem to care at all.

When it comes to partying, people just say: "That's just a part of college. Deal with it." But when I see hate messages written on RAs' white boards, garbage cans knocked over by drunk kids who think it's hilarious, or some kid puking in the hallway of the dorm, it's enough to make me lose complete faith in the college students of this campus. Maybe it would be a good idea for those who think it's cool to go out and get wasted each weekend to take a look in the mirror and see how disrespectful they're acting. But what should they care about those of us who have to deal with how they act when they're drunk? They won't remember it.

Danielle Burning