Left-brained students showcase work at Lederer

Students who don't frequent Brodie Hall rarely have the opportunity to see some of the outstanding artwork that their fellow students create. The Juried Student Exhibition in the Lederer Gallery, however, offers a chance to see some of Geneseo's best.

Guest juror Thomas Sturgill was given the indisputably daunting task of choosing from a variety of pieces, all deserving of recognition. He said in his statement that when choosing each piece, he kept the theme of "disparate views of 'conflict'" in mind. Each piece he chose was similar in that it displayed a view of conflict, either resulting in a common interest, repulsion, or in "a clash of dichotomy, a literal and direct discord."

First place went to senior Jeff Pyo for "Untitled 54." Plaster-covered balloons were hung from wooden slats; the idea being that as the balloons deflate, the plaster falls to pieces on the ground. Perhaps Sturgill's "conflict" was the tension associated with the inevitable change that comes with time.

The second-place winner was senior Amy Van Saun with "In the Window," an egg tempera painting of a woman in her underwear. Third went to senior Chris Held, who had several prints in the show. He utilized serigraphy, watercolor and pastel in his chosen piece, "Hammon Creek." Multiple fourth-place winners included seniors Trisha Roblee, Andrea Marshall and Matthew Long.

While it may have been a challenge to recognize the juror's running theme of conflict, perhaps what was most striking about the show was the variety of techniques and media used. Roblee's winning piece consisted of white-plaster male and female figures mounted in rows on the wall. Long's winner was a Madonna figure, painted in oil on a rusty metal can.

Other pieces in the show include stained glass, jewelry, photography and wood sculpture. It's eye-opening to realize that such impressive work and talented students belong to our small school.

The exhibit runs through Thursday, March 13, and is free and open to the public.