Invasion of Privacy: N.A.R.D. member Nick Moran sings, acts way through Geneseo

Senior Nick Moran certainly knows how to keep busy at Geneseo. Moran divides his time between classes for his sociology and musical theater majors and several student groups, including improv comedy troupe No Laugh Track Required, Chamber Singers and the all-male a cappella group Southside Boys.

"I do a lot of singing," he said.

Moran is also involved in theater, most recently in the show "Assassins." In addition, he plays acoustic music in All Five Toes, a band he began with fellow senior Gavin Price, and enjoys jamming with friends in another group named Black Elk Speaks.

The extracurricular activity Moran is probably most notable for, though, is his participation in the a cappella group N.A.R.D. Moran began the group during his freshman year with seniors Alexander MacDonald, Rob Line and Dave Gordon. The quartet met each other within the first week of school.

"We sang to drunk people coming back from Court Street on the weekends," explained Moran. "We got this underground following and were asked to play at the next a cappella concert."

Since then, N.A.R.D. has been a fixture on the Geneseo campus, performing at concerts, charity events, and open mics.

N.A.R.D.-related events comprise a good deal of Moran's most cherished Geneseo memories.

"Any N.A.R.D. show is great," said Moran. "I would have to say our last Christmas show was one of my favorites, because it was so over the top."

N.A.R.D. traditionally performs in a holiday-themed show with Hips 'N Harmony, Southside Boys and Exit 8. Those in attendance may remember the performance for its extensive comedic value, harmonious vocals and holiday scenery.

This semester is notable for N.A.R.D., as all the current members are graduating. Moran promises that the final N.A.R.D. show, later this year, will prove to be the best of all.

"We've got big things planned," said Moran.

"It's going to be weird," said Moran of the group's impending separation. However, Moran noted that the group has recently begun recording a professional CD in Rochester, which will be available for purchase later this semester.

"We wanted to make a recording of our best songs," explained Moran.

After college, Moran plans to use his love of singing and performing to pursue a career in performing arts in New York City.

"I would love to do something vocal," he said.

As a backup plan, Moran is also putting his sociology background to good use and applying for the Peace Corps.

"It's important to be socially aware," said Moran. "If you're absorbed in yourself, you miss a lot."

Moran noted that balancing academics and outside activities throughout college was, at first, a learning experience. Though he was originally part of the Honors program, he failed out. However, Moran was then able to focus his attention on other activities.

"It turned out to be good, because I got to do more of what I enjoy," he explained. "The four years have their ups and downs, but it all works out."