Catching up with Maggie Morris

The Lamron: What are you most looking forward to this season?

Maggie Morris: We have a really great group of freshmen coming in. We have been working together on and off the field and things are really coming together. I am most looking forward to working with them and winning SUNYACs baby!

The Lamron: How are your shins feeling?

MM: Do you want an honest answer? The cortisone shots feel better this year than last year.

(Editor's note: Morris missed five games last season due to shin splints.)

The Lamron: Do you have any personal goals this season?

MM: I really want to play in every game this year (laughs) and stay healthy.

The Lamron: Did you play any other sports in high school besides lacrosse?

MM: I played soccer, basketball and [ran] track in high school. I also played hockey for a little while…just kidding.

The Lamron: Why did you choose to play lacrosse in college?

MM: Well I only started playing lacrosse in eighth grade and I really had no idea about the sport, but it was really similar to soccer. I guess I just fell in love with it.

The Lamron: Which Maggie will score more goals this year? (Editor's note: Senior Maggie Benham led the team in goals last year and Morris was second.)

MM: (Laughs) Big Maggie is doing awesome. She'll have a good season and I have really high hopes for her.

The Lamron: What has been your favorite moment on the team so far?

MM: That's a tough one. I'd have to say spending 22 hours on a bus ride from Florida with my team and my pregnant coach last year.

The Lamron: What is your major?

MM: Spanish education.

The Lamron: Alright, let's play word association. [SUNYAC powerhouse] Cortland.

MM: I want to kill them.

The Lamron: Maggie Benham

MM: My idol.

The Lamron: Favorite food at Letch?

MM: (Thinking) Probably grilled cheese.

The Lamron: That's a very safe choice.

The Lamron: What is the over/under for 10 wins this season?

MM: Over.

The Lamron: 11 games played by Maggie Morris?

MM: Hopefully over.

The Lamron: 45 goals scored by Maggie Morris?

MM: That would depend on the last question, so hopefully over.