A Day in the Life of: Milne Library Employees

As a student, it is almost guaranteed that Milne Library and its employees have come to your aid in one way or another, whether it is the mere rental of a laptop, checking out a book or receiving help on a research paper. For those students who are employed at the library, helping others is just what the job entails.

Adam Saunders, a senior, has been working at Milne Library for two years where he is currently a student supervisor. He has also been employed at the Monroe Community College Library for two years and at the local public library in Penfield for four years.

"As student supervisors, we are in charge of the other student workers at the circulation desk," he said. "We make sure everyone is doing their job and not slacking off. When the librarians have gone home for the night, supervisors are in charge of the library, making sure the peace is maintained so that students can get their work done."

Alex Couchman, also a senior, has only been working at the library for three weeks but thus far enjoys the friendly staff and his various tasks. Among his responsibilities are shelving materials, checking out materials for customers and doing an hourly "head-count" of the number of people present in the library.

According to students, working at the library has its advantages.

"I've always loved working in the library system," said Saunders. "I enjoy the opportunity to help the students out with their research as well as having the quiet atmosphere to get some of my own school work out of the way while being paid at the same time."

Couchman agreed, stating that he enjoys interacting with the many students and faculty who come to check out books and materials. He also likes when the library is quiet, giving him an opportunity to catch up on studying.

Employees at the library find excitement in their job every now and then. Saunders said that Thursday nights are especially exciting.

"Having to deal with all those students walking back from the bar and stopping by at the library for a quick rest stop ends up being a good laugh for the people still working," he said.

Other memorable moments came from unexpected visitors.

"We've had animals loose in the library before," explained Saunders. "An infamous Geneseo squirrel, for instance, once wreaked havoc amongst the second-floor study area."