Sex? Gambling? It's not Vegas, it's Condom Casino

The College Union lobby turned into a gamblers' paradise last weekend, as the Geneseo Healthguards, in conjunction with Geneseo Late Knight, hosted their annual Condom Casino.

The event, sponsored by CAS and SA, consisted of various activities in efforts to further promote sexual health, responsible alcohol use, stress management and nutrition awareness.

Seniors Mallory Howe and Tiffany Chin led the event under the supervision of Dana Minton, coordinator of health promotion at the Lauderdale Health Center. The purpose of the event was simple but of great importance.

"Our mission is to promote and protect," said Howe.

Scattered throughout the Union lobby were several tables and upon arrival, each participant was given a brown bag containing ten pieces of candy, which they would use later as a form of sugary currency at the activities tables. Some tables included an array of poster boards that contained quick facts. For instance, some posters stated that, "only 59 percent of students used a condom the last time," and, "If you have a condom you're most likely to use it."

Health pamphlets were also distributed, which addressed issues such as alcohol self-tests, how to use a condom, avoiding the freshman 15, and where to go if counseling is needed.

The activities tables, on the other hand, offered games such as Condom Bingo and Acey Deucey blackjack. Students could bet their candy and exchange their stash for prizes at the prize table. Prizes included lubricant and an array of condoms of the regular latex and colored specialty varieties, flavored dental dams and female condoms.

"Students usually come to the Health Center with questions concerning sexual health and well-being," Howe said. "The condom casino provides an atmosphere where they can become educated on those issues while having fun at the same time."

The event ended with students leaving well-equipped with both protection and knowledge on how to lead a safer and healthier lifestyle.