Lamron launches new Editors' Blog

Starting today, The Lamron will provide its readers with a new online feature: an Editors' Blog, which will feature content on a variety of subjects.

The Editors' Blog is meant to provide yet another link between the newspaper and its readers. Editors of The Lamron will be able to post at any time, giving them an opportunity to communicate to readers more easily and on a more informal level.

As the Internet increasingly becomes a vital aspect of journalism, The Lamron staff decided to utilize the Internet as a tool to immerse the campus in the news sharing process. The blog, a popular feature on many national and college newspapers' Web sites, supplements the Web site's online version of the paper that allows readers to post responses to articles and material published in the newspaper.

"The blogosphere has become an exciting new kind of journalism," said Editor-In-Chief Jacob Kriss, a senior. " really facilitates what we do, and the blog will extend the site. It will help engage our readers with the news."

The content of editors' posts will vary, ranging from information relating to their respective sections to anything else that they find relevant or interesting. Through the blog, editors hope to better communicate with readers about a variety of subjects including news, sports, music, entertainment and politics.

The Lamron's web editor, junior Nick Haanschoten, says that adding the blog to the Web site was relatively easy thanks to CollegePublisher, the company that hosts the Web site.

According to Haanschoten, will provide a link to the blog on the homepage. He is hopeful that by making the link prominent on the site and maintaining regular posts, the blog will be successful.

Editors and assistants of The Lamron share in enthusiasm about the potential of the blog.

"I'll probably write every other week kind of at random," said senior Matt Dubois, the Lamron's opinion editor.

Other editors said they are looking forward to the open-ended nature of the blog.

"I think it's going to be a great thing," said News Editor Sean Kaplan, a junior. "I'll probably talk about things that have gotten comments on the Web site."

"I'll probably write about sports," said Managing Editor Chris Tripodi, a senior. "But I might write some opinion stuff occasionally, or about something interesting I read. I think it's really cool that we're doing this. And, if we do enough to get it out there, I think readers will be intrigued."

To visit the Editors' Blog, go to, or visit and click on the link.