The great brunch debate: eat on-campus or off?

Brunch is a staple in the diet of a student on a weekend morning: nothing is more enjoyable than sleeping in late and eating a carb-filled breakfast around noon.

Fortunately for students in Geneseo, there are a few brunch options, both on (Red Jacket and Letchworth dining halls) and off campus (Geneseo Family Restaurant or Bank Street Bagel Café).

The problem, then, comes down to where to go. While all the options are suitable, each place has its pros and cons.

RJ and Letchworth are conveniently located on campus and are only a short walk from any residence hall. Students are also able to use their meal plans to purchase food. The all-you-care-to-eat atmosphere gives students many different options, ranging from omelets to home fries and bagel sandwiches to fruit smoothies.

"I really like the omelets," said junior Jen Casinelli. "They always cook the vegetables without me having to ask and it is very conveniently located."

The downside to on-campus options is that many students eat food in the dining halls for three meals a day. Many feel that going off campus is a better alternative, if only for a change of pace.

Student favorite GFR has the convenience of being located on Main Street and for some is a welcome change from CAS food.

"The omelet combo plate is amazing," said junior Rachel Kingston. "The food there is good and cheap and it's a good alternative, since I don't live on campus, to go out to eat."

GFR allows students to choose what to order, unlike a dining hall, where options can sometimes be limited.

"They have great chocolate-chip pancakes," said sophomore Amanda Dermady. "I love going there for brunch."

The food at GFR is inexpensive and, according to some students, fresher and better than its competition. The restaurant has an enjoyable atmosphere due to its quick seating and popularity among students.

Another option on Main Street is Bank Street Bagel Café. While fewer students go there, it's a great place to get a quick breakfast for a good price.

Though there is no clear leader among Geneseo's brunch options, but convenience and personal preference are key components in selecting a late-breakfast fix. For those on campus, a dining hall is often the best choice because of its proximity and convenience, but for those who live off campus or want a change from on-campus food, a big, cheap brunch at GFR or coffee and a bagel at Bank Street are both good options.

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