Live Green day to push environmental agenda

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, Geneseo will host a "Live Green" theme day to bring attention to environmental and energy issues facing the world today.

Highlights of the event include an exposition featuring both student and local organizations, a deliberative dialogue about the nation's potential energy crisis, and speaker Deborah Rowe, who will give a lecture titled, "The Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability: Healthier Economies, Vibrant Ecosystems, Social Justice."

According to Geneseo's Director of Leadership Education, Training and Development Thomas Matthews, the idea for Live Green came together after the college was asked to pursue programs of the National Issues Forums, a network of organizations and individuals whose common interest is to promote public deliberation in America.

Kim Harvey, area coordinator of Wayne and Suffolk Halls, had heard of Deborah Rowe, whom Matthews described as an "expert on colleges and sustainability," and discussions of inviting her to speak sparked the idea of having a day dedicated to the topic. A Live Green Committee was then formed with representatives from various departments.

Rowe is the president of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and helps colleges and universities promote and integrate sustainable practices. The day after her speech, she will meet with faculty and students in the Fireside Lounge to discuss sustainability practices Geneseo can encourage.

The purpose of the day, according to the Web site, is to "inform and educate the campus community on creating a sustainable future through conservation and green initiatives."

The Live Green Expo will be held in the Union lobby from noon to 3 p.m. and will feature over a dozen organizations including Campus Auxiliary Services, the President's Task Force on Sustainability, GM Motors, and student organizations.

As part of the event, five free Live Green T-shirts will be placed around campus every day for 10 days and students who find the T-shirts are free to take them.

"Students who participate in the activities of Live Green Day will learn about opportunities to live more sustainably right here on campus," said Geneseo Environmental Organization Vice President and senior Sean Soper. "It will also be informative for students to see the measures that have been taken to make Geneseo a 'greener' campus."

GEO President and junior Alicia Kowsky said the event would give organizations a unique opportunity to gain student support for environmental causes, such as starting a community garden and an anti-water-bottle campaign.

In order to promote green initiatives, Live Green is only being advertised electronically through e-mails, its Web site, and a Facebook page.

Sponsors include CAS, Residence Life, the Center for Community, GOLD, Activities Commission, University Police, Geneseo Environmental Organization, Student Association, the Office of the President, Environmental Impact and Sustainability Task Force, College Union & Activities, and the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce.