Catching up with Dan Brown

The Lamron: Your team failed to make the playoffs for the first time in over 10 years. What went wrong?

Dan Brown: Well I think we're just a young team. Next year we should be much more experienced and if we can step up, our record should improve.

The Lamron: What are the things you need to improve in order to get back into the playoffs?

DB: I think that we just need to learn how to win and put together an entire game of hockey, not just a good period here followed by a few bad periods. Also, just not making as many mental mistakes.

The Lamron: The team is losing two top players in seniors Trent Cassan and Mathieu Cyr. How are you going to compensate for that?

DB: With Mathieu and Trent leaving we are obviously going to miss their scoring touch, but also their leadership on the ice and in the locker room. We just have to step up as a team. The freshmen have more experience now and guys like myself have to step up as well. They're difficult shoes to fill but we should do OK.

The Lamron: What do you guys have to do to end this season on a good note?

DB: Well mainly we just have to put together 60 solid minutes of hockey. I think that's been a problem with us all year. For instance, against Plattsburgh we played just as good as they did in the first period, but in the second period they really outplayed and outshot us. By the time we woke up in the third period, it was too late. If we can just play more consistently I think we'll be OK.

The Lamron: What's going to be the toughest challenge in winning your last two games?

DB: Our toughest challenge in winning the last two games will be staying mentally focused. Although we are out of the playoff hunt, there is no excuse to not play these games any differently. It would be a nice way to end the season with a few victories.

The Lamron: How much of a factor has the fan support been this season?

DB: The fans have been great, even though we don't have a winning record they still come out and support us. I'm sure if we were playing better there would be even bigger crowds.

The Lamron: The season isn't completely over yet, but what are some of the highlights or favorite memories of this year, both personally and as a team?

DB: As a team we have had some great moments this season. We won at Fredonia for the first time in I think eight years; it was a great win and a complete team effort. Although we lost at Plattsburgh, who was top three in the country at the time, we brought a 4-2 lead into the third period. They wound up winning the game in overtime, but it proved that when we were on our game we could play with one of the best teams in the country. Personally, scoring two goals at Fredonia was my highlight of the season; they were big goals that allowed us to win after a very disappointing loss the night before at Buffalo State.

The Lamron: Do you see yourself as a leader on the team?

DB: Hopefully next season I can be in more of a position to be a leader on the team. I feel that if I can continue to contribute offensively and be conscious about my defensive play, I can lead by example.