A Day in the Life Of: IB Bouncers

Dealing with Geneseo's inebriated may seem an annoying task to most, but it's not for those that work at the infamous and beloved Inn Between, commonly known as the IB.

Senior Jeff Beadnell has been employed for three years at the IB, which is located off Bank Street, and he still enjoys his work.

"I like the people I work with at the IB and it is a really good-paying job," said Beadnell. "I am able to see my friends when I am working. The hours and schedule are very flexible."

Beadnell said that shifts usually last three to four hours.

While students go to the IB to show off dance moves, attract the opposite sex, and have fun with friends, many are unaware that the bouncers are hard at work making sure that everyone is safe.

Beadnell explained that IB bouncers are responsible for a number of duties crucial for the bar to run smoothly.

"We must ensure the patrons are provided with a safe, friendly atmosphere," said Beadnell. "[In addition] we must ensure that no one under the age of 21 consumes alcohol."

The bouncers are also responsible for preventing fights and other dangerous behavior. Beadnell pointed out the importance of keeping an eye on patrons in order to ensure that over-consumption of alcohol does not take place - often a troublesome situation for those involved. Finally, the IB bouncer's duty at the end of the night is to clean up the bar.

While the responsibilities of a bouncer's job may be stressful, the fun comes from witnessing the effect that alcohol has on those who attend the IB.

"The main highlight of working at the bar is [the] many goofy things that patrons do when under the influence of alcohol," Beadnell explained. "This is really an added benefit to the job, and makes the night go by much more quickly."

Another benefit of the job is seeing friends who attend the IB. Beadnell pointed out that at other jobs, that opportunity doesn't usually present itself.

Dealing with drunk people, however, can become aggravating, since not all students show respect to the bouncers.

"The only time I could complain is when 'unders' have their drinks taken away and then yell or lie to the workers…a pet peeve of mine is when people start fights at the bar. I always wonder why they cannot just go out and have a good time," he said.