Upstate Escapes offers exciting opportunities

Director of College Union and Activities Chip Matthews and Assistant Director Carey Backman have joined forces once again to provide a number of off-campus activities through the Upstate Escapes program.

This semester's offerings include a Syracuse University basketball game and a trip to see Cabaret at the GEVA Theatre in Rochester, among other activities.

The Upstate Escape trips are popular due to both their entertaining or educational content and low price.

"The main purpose of this is to provide opportunities for students for off-campus at a greatly reduced rate," said Matthews. "It's a great deal."

Matthews noted that faculty and student organization collaboration is highly beneficial for Upstate Escape programs. One resident assistant, for example, is hosting a program in conjunction with the sold-out ski and snowboard trip to Holiday Valley this weekend, bringing along over 40 students.

"As a student, these trips are a great chance to take advantage of the programs Geneseo offers," said Matthews. "That's how you get the most out of your student activity fee."