Under the Knife: Activities Commission turns up heat with on-campus programming

Behind the concerts, comedians and campus events that are held for the Geneseo college community, there is an exceptionally talented group of students coordinating these acts for our entertainment: the Activities Commission, otherwise recognized as AC.

AC is the programming board on campus that is responsible for booking, planning and executing many of the events hosted at Geneseo that have attracted thousands of students as well as members of the community.

The organization was formed in 1968 as a response to a demand for more activities on campus that were not associated with Greek life. Today, AC has grown into an extremely important organization beneficial to the college as it works to bring entertainment in all forms.

AC is divided into eight sections that are responsible for bringing a wide range of events to campus: ACE/Accents, Arts and Exhibits, Concerts, Contemporary Forum, Limelight, KINO, Mac's Place and Special Events. Each of these sections coordinates events, ranging from the recent showing of the popular film Across the Universe to the exhilarating concerts that students look forward to every semester - artists such as Jack's Mannequin and Third Eye Blind in the past year.

In addition to these eight sections, there is a four-person executive committee and two publicity and promotions officers that work closely with members of the different sections in order to successfully bring events to campus.

Nick Guy, senior and chairperson of the AC Executive Committee, was first involved with AC as the concerts coordinator during his sophomore year. He enjoyed all the work that went into planning events for people to attend and is thankful that he has been able to be a part of the organization.

"I loved having it all come together into one tangible event," he said. "I could say, 'This is what my work led to.' Now, as chairperson of AC, I can help everyone else do that by serving as a resource to the coordinators and watching them enjoy those same sorts of experiences."

Members of the Activities Commission seem to be a close, tight-knit group. One of their top duties is to support every member and their scheduled events.

"Being a part of AC helps to teach you how to be a team player," said sophomore Ahmed Sheikh, current coordinator of ACE/Accents. "Each other's support is great motivation to succeed because they are rooting you on."

Those associated with AC seem to love the experience and take great pride and enjoyment in the events that they help bring to Geneseo.

"The best part of being on AC is being given the opportunity to leave your footprint in Geneseo and making an impact on campus," said Sheikh. "It is very satisfying to expose the students here to things that they would not ordinarily be exposed to."

Activities Commission meets weekly, every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the College Union room 351. All students are welcome to attend and give input and suggestions regarding events.