Invasion of Privacy: Senior Sarah Osterling brings lively spirit to variety of activities

Senior Sarah Osterling has managed to get the point of an undergraduate liberal arts degree down to a science. Balancing a communication major, a political science minor and a plethora of extracurricular activities, she's managed to take all the opportunities Geneseo offers and make them count.

Originally from Fairport, Osterling applied to many different colleges with the idea of being a journalism major. She applied to Geneseo for no other reason than that it was close to home and affordable. During her senior year of high school, she decided that she wanted to be a special education teacher and chose Geneseo for its School of Education.

"I wanted to dedicate my life to a cause," said Osterling. "To dedicate myself to the greater good, and overall just help people."

But Osterling changed her goals halfway through her junior year.

"I had a huge panic attack regarding my future," she said. "I realized that I shouldn't be freaked out about the job I'm going to have…I had been involved with The Lamron since first semester freshman year so I decided to switch to communication and it was a perfect fit."

Osterling started at The Lamron as Features (now known as Knights' Life) assistant editor, and then moved up to section editor. She is currently the public relations manager for The Lamron.

She is dedicated in her involvement with several organizations on campus. "The Royal Lady Knights are a big part of my life here at Geneseo," said Osterling. "I got involved in the fall of 2005 and was president last semester."

She is currently on the orientation committee for the students who intend to orientate this semester. She's also involved in several other activities.

"I really like working at the Morgan Estates, which is on 20A," she said. "It is assisted living, and we go in and talk to the residents there and it's really fun."

In addition, Osterling is the secretary and recruitment chair for Colleges Against Cancer, the organization that organizes Relay for Life. CAC has also organized events like a bone- marrow drive.

When not attending meetings for these groups, Osterling can be found working at the SA Ticket Office on campus, at her new internship with Clear Channel Radio in Rochester, or playing the violin.

"I've been playing since I was eight, and my dad is also the orchestra teacher at Fairport High School," Osterling said. "I actually wanted to join orchestra but I just couldn't find the time to meet three nights a week."

"These have all been such great experiences for me," Osterling said of her involvement at Geneseo. "I am not exactly sure what I want to do when I graduate but I'm hoping to be in the media, maybe PR or sales. No matter what I do, I just want it to be something I really believe in."

Her advice to other students, especially underclassmen, is simple.

"Get involved as much as possible," she said. "You get to meet a lot more people and connect with them. It makes your time here more meaningful and enriches your experiences in college. Also, go to class. Your parents are paying for school for a reason!"