Freshmen pack Erie for warm welcome

For the first time in over three years, Erie Hall is filled with new students. About 100 resident assistants welcomed over 200 freshmen into the hall on Thursday, Jan. 17, and Geneseo Late Knight arranged for a few evenings to welcome everyone to campus.

According to freshman Ashley Tinney, the Late Knight events were mainly focused on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere to meet new classmates.

"You can go in without knowing a single person in the building and leave with great new friends that you met playing Guitar Hero or waiting for a focaccia" she said.

Director of the College Union and Activities Chip Matthews was pleased to announce the success of the events, which "brought together new students, RAs, IRC and, by Friday and Saturday night, other student leaders."

Thursday night in the Union lobby, tables were set up for tournaments, inviting some students to huddle around Sorry, Operation and Clue while others battled each other in big-screen video games. The ballroom was set up for a night of bingo, and was filled with dozens of players competing for stacks of Geneseo apparel. An array of arts and crafts projects followed the bingo tournament, and the Corner Pocket was open late into the evening with free food, pool, Guitar Hero and air hockey.

Friday night continued the festivities, as Geneseo brought comedian Kelly Taylor to the stage.

"His jokes from childhood, in particular his imitation of an unlucky fish caught by a hook, were hysterical," said Tinney.

For those who missed Taylor, Matthews recommends looking him up on YouTube.

After the crowd in the Union Ballroom finished laughing, dozens of students made their first trip to Geneseo Square Cinemas for midnight movies.

Matthews commended everyone in attendance for their involvement and enthusiasm.

"The RAs were instrumental," he said, "at getting kids out of their rooms and to the events."

"[I] thought it was great to see some of the new residents and the RAs out interacting and having fun," said RA Ashley Jones, a senior.