Out of Bounds: College football's BCS is a mess

Back in August when the college season was fresh and Michigan and Notre Dame were actually considered good football teams, I made my annual prediction on which two teams I figured would be in the title game.

Needless to say, my predicted matchup of USC and Oklahoma was not even close to being correct, but with so much chaos this season, no one could possibly predict the eventual outcome. If you're telling me you thought Missouri would be No. 1 going into the last week of play then you're a lot smarter than I am. While the matchup of Ohio State and LSU promises to entertain, not every member of the college football nation agrees that this was necessarily the best choice.

The title matchup is decided each and every year by the decisions of the BCS computer along with voter input (most of which is heavily swayed one way due to politics). This is not the first year the system has taken heat. Year after year, the system is torn apart on a variety of levels due to its clear flaws.

First off, LSU and Ohio State are playing in the BCS championship on sheer accident. Neither team played last week; Ohio State was inactive for the last two. OSU now continues the 50-day wait between their last game and the big game. These two teams really deserve it though; it must have been real strenuous turning on the TV last Saturday to see if they were going to make it to the championship. Georgia did the exact same thing but somehow the computer didn't think they deserved a shot at the title. Someone still needs to explain how Ohio State and LSU's ranking increases without playing but when the Georgia Bulldogs don't play, theirs decreases.

This is not even the worst, most unfair part of this entire process. I am still waiting for a decent explanation on why the only undefeated team in the country, Hawaii (12-0), was not even considered to have a chance at the title game. What did they possibly do wrong? They won every single game they played, scored by far the most points out of any team in the country, and have arguably the best quarterback in the country who shattered every passing record he could think of. Now they are told they cannot win the championship after perfection?

Also, Oklahoma beat Missouri twice; the last game coming at Missouri while they were ranked number one, and still beating them by 21 points. According to the BCS, they still aren't good enough. And to top it all off, after Missouri lost Saturday, they dropped completely out of BCS bowl play from the No. 1 spot the week before. This system really is an embarrassment of this great sport. What is wrong with a playoff system?

The college basketball version never has any issues with the final champion, and is one of the highest rated sporting events of the year. This may just be one disgruntled sports writer's opinion but one thing is for sure, the BCS bowl system needs a change.