Lockhart Gallery opening

Last Thursday in the Lockhart Gallery on Main Street, an exhibit opened by local Geneseo artist Eileen Feeney Bushnell, a professor in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT.

The exhibit displays the body of work, a series of intaglio type and screen prints, which Bushnell has produced during her sabbatical this year. While the quantity of the collection is limited to only nine prints, the quality and artistry of the prints creates an interesting exhibit.

The prints are all brightly but precisely colored and feature interesting compositions that unconventionally juxtapose human figures with animals and everyday objects. Each piece looks like the artistic representation of a dream, combining recognizable and realistically depicted elements with surreal settings and unexpected arrangements that put objects where they do not seem to belong, but yet still fit into the larger composition.

The prints are clearly symbolic, but hard to interpret, and the titles of each piece are equally as ambiguous. This ambiguity, however, is what makes the exhibit so interesting. Without an artist statement or explanation for any of her prints, Bushnell leaves her art open to the viewer's interpretation.

The exhibit, though limited, is certainly something new for Geneseo's small art world. It will be displayed in the gallery until Wednesday Dec. 12 and is free and open to the public.