Invasion of Privacy: Niki Gaiter blazes wide trail at Geneseo

Niki Gaiter, personable, pleasant and better known as the president of the Class of 2008, is no ordinary college senior.

Originally from Rochester, Gaiter's success started with her parents.

"My parents have always pushed me to do what I want and I have always tried to be well-rounded. I like being involved and always need to be busy," she said.

Duties as the senior class president are very demanding. Gaiter helps plan senior happy hours, senior events, class dues and the senior shirt. She also collaborates the senior gift, which involves running underclassmen fundraising.

"My other duties include being a role model for the rest of the class and to make sure everyone has a great senior year," said Gaiter.

According to Gaiter, "We also reinstated the midnight breakfast at R.J. It started in 2004 with the class officers, me included. We planned a breakfast around finals of the first semester at Red Jacket in order to help students de-stress (specifically freshmen) during finals. Faculty serve breakfast around 10 p.m. and it's just a nice change of pace"

Being president can be rewarding, but also overwhelming at times.

"I'm recognized by the population at Geneseo and people always feel comfortable enough to come to me and tell me what they want," said Gaiter. On the flip-side, "There's a lot to worry about as senior class president. The responsibilities can be a little much and this year was harder because we didn't have other class officers except for myself until October."

Gaiter is also a member of Royal Lady Knights, in which she holds a position on the service committee and serves as the webmaster. She is also vice president of the Red Cross Club of Geneseo and class gift coordinator for Fund at Geneseo.

Taking the leadership role is nothing new to Gaiter. As secretary her junior year in high school, class president her senior year in high school, and president of the Class of 2008 her freshman and sophomore years at Geneseo, Gaiter knows how to manage her time and keep busy. "I took time off my junior year from class president because I was moving off campus and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to balance everything. I didn't want too much on my plate."

Gaiter holds three jobs outside of her already extensive extracurricular involvement. She works as an American Red Cross youth coordinator, an office assistant for the Residence Life and communication department, and a public relations intern for the Ice Knights.

The daily schedule for the Class of 2008 president requires some intense time-management. "On Monday I have office hours for the senior gift, then one class - graphic design - then I go back to office hours, and then I work until 4 p.m.," Gaiter said. "On Tuesdays I work my first job then have class then I work my second job then another class and then my third job.

"I take breathers and just organize everything I have to do in order to prioritize," she said.

Future plans for Gaiter are nothing short of impressive.

"I have a job with an advertising firm in Rochester as a graphic design artist and I would like to go to graduate school at RIT," she said.

Ten years from now, she sees herself, "Probably working a steady job with a position higher than entry level and married with kids, balancing family and work."