Behind the Scenes of GSTV

One might expect that a full-time student-by-day and news-anchor-by-night would feel the stress of a dual life. But the team of five, headed by news director Rachel Kingston, a junior, was completely relaxed as they prepared to go on-air, and shared a palpable energy in the GSTV studio. They were waiting for their moment in front of the camera.

In turn, the anchors gazed into the camera as they conveyed the excitement of the spotlight. "It makes you nervous," said sophomore Amy Cavanaugh, national and local events specialist, "but good-nervous."

Sports anchor Tim Brewer, a freshman, agreed, saying "except when you can't read the teleprompter."

Interestingly enough, this mishap results in the second most popular aspect of the job: improvisation. In the beginning of their television careers, the cast spent hours writing their scripts for each broadcast. They now only require an hour to craft their stories into primetime reports. After just one semester's worth of broadcasts they are comfortable reporting live with no more than a quick review of the material.

At 6 p.m., tapes are cued up, and an hour later a live broadcast is transmitted into every room on campus. At 8 p.m. a secretive, ritualistic huddle takes place to review their broadcast. This unified spirit of the GSTV team seems to be the key to their successful production. According to sophomore Jeremy Frank, webmaster and programming director, "It's like a big family full of beautiful people."

"We're well-informed, well-read, well-spoken, and better looking," Cavanaugh said, and her fellow small dogs of media agreed. This comment reflects a healthy dose of confidence - characteristic of would-be readership usurpers - which they assert to be another important quality for a TV anchor.

According to Kingston, "GSTV has eaten my life, and I'm really okay with that! The people are awesome, and as news director I'm getting experience I can use in my career. And we make some damn fine coffee!"

One might consider them to be overstepping their bounds, however, in response to why they chose GSTV as an extracurricular activity. The collective answer: "It is an alternative to The Lamron." Their undertones of rivalry are clear, but the higher road of promoting an adversary through one's own medium has set a new, exemplary standard.